Snapshot for likecoin chain

This site keep 6 days rotating snapshot of likecoin-chain, you can download the snapshot here.

For everyone info, snapshots are taked from a sentry node by using crontab with following command

ssh sentry-node "tar cvf - -C .liked data" | lz4 - ./likecoin-snapshots/snapshot-$($DATENAME).tar.lz4

The sentry node perform a btrfs snapshot everyday at 00:00UTC. The snapshot should be avalible around 2 hours time.

How to use the snapshot

The simplest way to use the snapshot is download the `.tar.lz4`, decompress it, put it into your .liked/data folder. However, if you are short on disk space you might run the following:

wget -O - $URL | lz4 -d | tar -xvf -

Addiational info

Here is a copy of the genesis.json

Here is another archive site host by community member nnkken